Abduction | Eau de Parfum


Abduction | Eau de Parfum
30 ml, 1 fl oz

What does a close encounter smell like?

Visual artist Joe Merrell and Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder and director of The Institute for Art and Olfaction, attempted to answer this question in a 2016 experimental scent collaboration.

Taking its cue from this original project, Abduction is a limited edition unisex eau de parfum inspired by scents described by close encounter experiencers – the product of a new collaboration between Joe Merrell and perfumer Christopher Gordon.

Striking and mysterious, Abduction references both technology and biology: metallic and ozone top notes transition into a heart and base comprised of a subtle blending of rich spice, wood, organic and earthy components.

More than a unique scent, Abduction is an exploration of an oft-overlooked aspect of close encounter phenomena.

This product can only be shipped within the continental United States. If you live outside the continental US and would like to purchase a bottle of Abduction, please note that a small run of an alcohol free version of the scent is available. Inquiries regarding this special edition should be directed through the contact page.

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