Abduction | Eau de Parfum


Abduction | Eau de Parfum
30 ml, 1 fl oz

"... it's the only fragrance that's given me ASMR chills." —Arabelle Sicardi, OUT

"Being an experiencer I was curious about this perfume, and whether I would have a positive, negative or neutral response to the scent. When I first smelled it, I immediately became upset and anxious, and my stomach began tightening. Obviously, the scent triggered something in me because of my instantaneous emotional and physical response to it..." —Review posted on the International UFO Congress site

"I went to an art exhibition recently and one of the artists worked with a perfumer to recreate smells people reported experiencing during alien abductions. For some reason I decided to buy a sample, and now I am actually terrified of ever smelling it again. It is SPOOKY. If anyone wants it, please take it away from me." —Posted on Reddit

What does a close encounter smell like?

Visual artist Joe Merrell and Saskia Wilson-Brown, founder and director of The Institute for Art and Olfaction, attempted to answer this question in a 2016 experimental scent collaboration.

Taking its cue from this original project, Abduction is a limited edition unisex eau de parfum inspired by scents described by close encounter experiencers – the product of a collaboration between Joe Merrell and perfumer Christopher Gordon.

Striking and mysterious, Abduction references both technology and biology: metallic and ozone top notes transition into a heart and base comprised of a subtle blending of rich spice, wood, organic and earthy components.

More than a unique scent, Abduction is an exploration of an oft-overlooked aspect of close encounter phenomena.

This product can only be shipped within the continental United States. If you live outside the continental US and would like to purchase a bottle of Abduction, please note that a small run of an alcohol free version of the scent is available. Inquiries regarding this special edition should be directed through the contact page.

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